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Amerasians Without Borders is a non-profit organization group based in Spokane, Washington.

We are Vietnamese Amerasians that come together by Amerasians, to Amerasians and for Amerasians. The organization is not based on different background, education, political point of views, or based on their race or colors. We come and treat each other as brothers & sisters with love, friendship, and respect.

Most importantly, we are here trying to unite tens of thousands Vietnamese Amerasians in the nation standing together side by side, hand in hand, together under one roof to raise our voices for hundreds of Vietnamese Amerasians who are still left behind. 

Our group has been providing FREE collecting DNA samples from the remaining (estimated 500) Amerasians in Vietnam and we submitted to Family Tree DNA (FTDNA) for family finder DNA analyses for FREE of charges.

Therefore, we welcome you here to visit our page, your support, share your stories, and your views to Amerasians.

Meet the Team

Jimmy A. Miller

Chairman/Founder/Treasurer I

Family Tree DNA Coordinator

Listen to Jimmy Miller on NPR discussing Amerasians Without Borders.

Minh Aimone

East Coast Vice President/ Treasurer II

Tiffany Le

West Coast Vice President

I am a mother of two and a partner in crime to my love. I love to travel and I have a soft spot for animals. I enjoy photography and food makes me smile.

Being an Amerasian, I value and embrace both culture within me and created the best version of who I am. I am a straight forward person therefore I hold honesty in high regard. I’m volunteering with AWB because I want to make a difference in people’s lives. Especially the Amerasians. I want to show that we all deserve the best that this world has to offer and that we are all worthy of it no matter what color we are.

Linh Hopkins

Media & Public Relation Coordinator 

Ancestry DNA Assistance 

Fundraising Coordinator

I have been an owner of my own business for 25 years. I have been married to my wonderful husband for 23 years. We are proud parents of 3 children whom we love dearly. As a family, we do our best to spend as much time as we can together. We enjoy playing board games together, attend sport events together and serve together within our church family as Sunday school teachers. About 34 years ago, a family adopted me and has given me the opportunity to succeed in my biological father’s homeland. In 2017, I was blessed to have found my biological father side of the family. The love and acceptance I continue to receive is quite a blessing. The deep gratitude I have for my newly found family and the love and support from my adopted family has been unmeasurable. One of the ways I can give back for all the blessings that have been given to me is by volunteering with Amerasians Without Borders to assist those that are much less fortunate than I am.

Elaine Thai

General Secretary

Vietnamese & American Outreach

Ancestry DNA Assistance

My name is Elaine Thai. I have been assigned as Secretary/Outreach on behalf of the AWB Organization. A little fun fact about me: I’m a proud mother of two adult sons and a wonderful 3 year old grandson. My career outside of volunteering is a Human Capital Management Consultant (HCMC) for a payroll/benefits company. Besides volunteering for AWB or working, I enjoy spending time with my precious grandson. I am also a regular member of a well-known boxing gym in Arizona. I’ve been blessed with a wonderful life with friends and family. I also had an opportunity to find my father and my half siblings. I’d like to see Amerasians, especially those who still reside in Vietnam, to be able to receive the joy and happiness that I had been given so therefore, it was the reason why I joined the AWB group.

Dat Vo

Legal Advisor

My name is Dat Vo and I an Amerasian.  I was born in Saigon, Viet Nam.  I migrated to the United States in the 90s and I am an attorney from Houston, Texas.

Jordin Hopkins

Fundraising Outreach Coordinator

My name is Jordin Hopkins, a former collegiate athlete from Illinois Wesleyan University and a current candidate for a Master's degree of Human Resources and Industrial Relations at the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign. My goal is to become a Human Resources professional while assisting AWB in reuniting Vietnamese-Americans with their long-lost families. My current and past volunteer work consists of a Missions Trip to Honduras and serving as a Sunday School teacher. My current role in AWB is to coordinate and implement fundraising opportunities so we can help current Amerasian families in Vietnam. If you wish to make a gift to AWB, please feel free to reach out to me.

Jenny Do

AWB Legal Advisor

Tráng Kieu Dang Leaty

Fundraising Coordinator

Julie Cox Wellborne

Event Coordinator & Fundraising Outreach II

Thuy Hughes

Fundraising & Event Outreach II

Ancestry DNA Assistance 

Andrea Olmanson

Ancestry DNA Genealogy Coordinator

Ann Mai

Ancestry DNA Assistance

Truc Tran

IT Specialist