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Dear members of AWB

We are currently placing orders for AWB jackets. The price is $150 each. 

They come in size XL, L and M. 

There are three colors to choose from: Black, Gray & Blue.

 At the moment, We have jackets available for men only.

Visit our online store for more merchandise.

If anyone would like to place an order, please send payment to AWB  

and please be sure to include size and color that you would like.

As always, we appreciate your support!

Amerasians Without Borders (AWB)

 P.O. BOX 784 Spokane Valley, Washington 99037


 AWB Foundation



Dear Brothers and Sisters, Friends and Supporters!

We are in the process of helping Amerasians that are still stuck in Vietnam to complete their visa application to the United States. The U.S Consulate requires all paperwork translated into English and notarized. The translation and notary fees are estimated to be about $600,000 VND per person ($25 USD). That equates to $100 USD for a family of four. Those fees are paid directly to the Vietnamese government agency that provides translation and notary services. Those fees have nothing to do with the U.S Consulate. 

Unfortunately, the majority of Amerasians in Vietnam do not have the money to pay for those fees. This is especially true for Amerasians who live in the countryside, which is far from Saigon. The Amerasians who live in remote rural areas may have to travel to Saigon to have their paperwork translated and notarized if their area does not support those services. On top of the translation and notary fees, they will incur travel expenses such as transportation, room, and board.

We are looking for ways to fund those fees for about 400 Amerasian families. 

Our goal is to provide each Amerasian family $100 USD to help with their visa application costs. To achieve our goal in helping those 400 Amerasian families, we will need $40,000 USD.

we are asking for public support, your generosity in helping with this important project. We hope each and every Amerasian has an opportunity to complete their visa application. With your donations, we believe this project will be successful in a timely manner.


501 (C) 3 Nonprofit -Established in 2015

All donations please send to:


P.O BOX 784


Thank You!

2018  Visa Application Project

We  Appreciate Your  Support


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