Saving One Family At A Time

We are happy to announce in the case of Mr. Nhan Thanh Vu who we were able to find his American father’s family through FTDNA. His application for Amerasian Homecoming Act was denied/disqualified in the past as the same as many other 400 Amerasians that are still left behind. Thanks to the modern DNA technology, we were able to assist him in providing proof of his heritage to the government. He just pickup his IOM package this morning in VN Time. If everything goes smoothly and nothing changes, his family of 4 will be in Spokane WA this Thursday, May 17th 2018. Special thanks to Quỳnh Lê who represents us in Vietnam to help with the Amerasians who truly in need of her assistance. You have a big heart, and we appreciate you.

We can’t promise that we would be able to bring all 400 Amerasians out of Vietnam and on to their Fatherland. But what we can promise is that we will do our best to fight for all of them. In the mean time, we will do all that we can to help them one by one.
Jimmy A Miller Founder of AWB