Continuing to make a difference one family at a time

Water is the most basic essential requirement to human life. But unfortunately, some of us donʼt have a reliable and easily accessible source of clean water. Thatʼs the case for Thai Van Nuoi, an Amerasian and his family, in Vietnam.

Everyday, Nuoi takes public transportation to arrive at the nearest district, nearly a 100 mile round trip, to sell Vietnamese lottery tickets for a living. After such long day at work, the thing we all would want to do most is to rest and enjoy our day. However, Nuoi does not 

have this privilege. Everyday after work, he has to spending two more additional hours carrying six loads of water home for his family from a public well located about 300 meters away from his home, so they could have clean water.

AWB had asked Vy Tran, an AWB representative in Vietnam, to look into Nuoiʼs current situation in order to assist.  Once Vy got there, she discovered that his area has no access to water fountains or a communal well. Because he does not have money to afford drilling a well, his 

only option is to spend couple hours each day in carrying water home for his family and this prolonged year after year.

Nuoi was initially reluctant; eventually asking if we can help him to buy a stainless steel water container, so he can buy water from a truck that comes to his village each week. Instead, we decided to offer our aid for the long term, by donating and aiding him in drilling a well for his own family.

Now with the well drilled and clean water pumped directly into Nuoiʼs home, 

we hope to have made a positive impact, giving him a few extra hours everyday with his family and loved ones