Petition for (400)


 We, the undersigned, as members of Amerasians Without Borders, together with friends, families, Vietnam Veterans and supporters, hereby petition to the President Donald J. Trump and lawmakers to accept DNA analysis results as evidence establishing the legitimacy of (400) Vietnamese Amerasians born to Vietnam Veterans during the Vietnam War between the years of 1965 and 1975 who have been repeatedly denied. To grant those Vietnamese Amerasians immigration visas to the U.S. under the Amerasian Homecoming Act of 1988. According to the U.S. Consulate “DNA evidence between an Amerasian and their father, and even their half sibling, is the gold standard” which is impossible the Amerasians still left behind 

NBC's Harry Smith Invites You to Meet An Amazing Dad

The story begins when Jim’s daughter, Mikal, sent away for a DNA test, hoping to learn more about her mother’s side of the family. Mikal makes a remarkable discovery about her father that changes the family forever in an unforgettable piece of reporting